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The Artisan Group is not in any way associated with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscars, or The Academy Awards), The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (The Golden Globes), MTV, The Cannes Film Festival, NY Fashion Week, or The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (The Emmys or The Primetime Emmys).

Friday, 01/10 - Saturday, 01/11/2014     
Hollywood, California
Contact person:
Valerie Guerrero,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For the Celebrity Gifting (Product-Only) option, you'll need to provide 100 individually packaged products or pieces of art to be gifted to the celebrities.

For the Business Card-Only option, you'll need to provide 100 business cards to be included in the celebrity swag bags. Business card size cannot exceed 3.5" x 2.5"

For the Press Gifting option, you'll need to provide 10 individually packaged products or pieces of art to be gifted to members of the press.

  • Press Gift-Only, and Business Card-Only, to be RECEIVED by DECEMBER 26, 2013
  • Celebrity Gifts to be RECEIVED byDECEMBER 30, 2013
  • All Final Installments for Display/Swag Bag participants to be RECEIVED byNOVEMBER 4, 2013
  • All final Sponsor Ads, Display photos, and Event Preparation Worksheets for Event Guide to be RECEIVED byNOVEMBER 4, 2013